The Wilderness at Fortune Bay Course Update

Course Update

By Vince Dodge, Golf Course Superintendent 

On a weekly basis I will be sending a picture of the 18th hole to show the progress we are making with the golf course this spring (though it seems like we have moved directly into summer from winter).  Hard to believe that less than three weeks ago we had ice on our lakes.  We had a frost a few days ago.  Now it is in the 80s.

As the picture shows, 18 is on the mend nicely with just a few smaller areas usually near drainage basins that were seeded today.  We performed a similar process on a few of the other holes as well.  With the continuation of warm temperatures and a possible thunderstorm in the next few days the recovery process will accelerate greatly. 

I have had some positive feedback from players throughout this entire process-the course has remained very playable since opening day.  I appreciate the understanding shown by most of our players.  The words of encouragement that I hear almost daily are very much valued not just by me but by our entire staff who are as bothered by this winterkill nonsense as I am.

The Wilderness at Fortune Bay