May 2014

What a difference a month makes. We went from record-breaking cold temperatures directly into record-breaking warm days for the month of May. I for one will take the warm weather any day and hope that all of you can find ways to enjoy the summer-like weather after the worst winter in recent memory.

As some of you may be aware, we aerified greens on Sunday May 18 and Monday May 19. Luckily the weather held out well for us and we were able to get all greens done without any major problems. It was particularly important that we get greens core aerified this year since we did not perform the work last year due to a lingering winter and poor conditions at the time we scheduled the work. One week later, greens are almost fully recovered and while slow at the moment will pick up in speed over the next few days. Aerification is a stressful process on both plants and people and believe me when I say that we would not do it if it were not necessary. I would like to offer a sincere thank you to all the great people on our staff who performed the work this year.

I have posted a few videos below to illustrate the aerification process. That the greens are in the condition that they are now just one week after this beating is encouraging.

Aerify May 2014

Cleanup May 2014 

Moving on to another item of note, some of you may have noticed this sight on the right side of hole number 11:

Vince 59

Hole 11 May 2014

The dead and dying trees are the result of excess road salts that drain from the hotel/casino parking lots and into the woods on the right side of 11. This damage started last year and we asked the Minnesota DNR foresters to come out and have a look to confirm this. Upon closer review they found the telltale sign of excess salinity damage:

Vince 60

Note discoloration of needles starting at tips. Sign of excess salinity caused by road salts. Some species-particularly White Pine-are more susceptible than others.

On another note, I would like to thank the seven or eight people that repaired their divots on the 12th hole on May 24. Your concern for the golf course and those around you is very much appreciated not only by our staff but the golfing population in general. Keep up the good work and tell your friends how much this helps everyone on the golf course.

Vince 61

Finally, Assistant Superintendent Trevor Rintala took this picture on the golf course recently. Could be a good test of your wildlife knowledge. See you on the links.

Vince 62

Vincent Dodge CGCS