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November 2010

As of the writing of this article, snow is falling on the six inches of snow already on the ground. Very nice weather throughout the entire month of October and into the early part of November made it possible for us to perform some much needed brush clearing on the golf course as well as some bunker drainage. Combined with the early start this year in the spring, this entire year has been probably one of the most productive seasons on the golf course in the eight years of its existence. I think that everyone will be happy with the improvements to both golf course’s visibility and playability.

Now is the time, after some long overdue relaxation, to begin to focus on indoor work on the golf course. Every year we are asked, “What do you do in the winter?” An apt question considering the weather outdoors. The primary function in the winter months is to prepare equipment for the coming season. When one considers that we have close to twenty separate mowers each with from one to seven cutting units that need rebuilding and sharpening, there is a substantial amount of work involved. Add to this the work we perform cleaning up and repairing golf course accessories as well as the other tractors and utility carts that we use throughout the entire season, and one can see that the work is never really truly done and gives us productive work to perform in the winter.

The depressing snowfall outside inspires this month’s golf course picture. I think we can all use a more upbeat picture taken when the golf course was looking its best.

August 16, 2003 Hole #1

Vince 69

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