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October 2013

Another season of golf is over and work is progressing on winter preparations on the golf course. The work typically begins the evening of the day we close with a deep tine aerification on greens. In this process, a machine creates a hole about a half inch wide and 8 inches deep. The purpose of this work is to both alleviate compaction and to improve gas exchange deep within the soil profile.

Within a few days of this process we then cover greens to help prevent them from drying out during periods with little precipitation. While this has not been the case this year (we have been receiving plenty of rainfall) we would not do this aggressive aerification to the greens this late in the year without covering them as there would be substantial risk of having stressed out-or as we say in the industry, “smoked” greens next spring if we did not use the covers. This is the primary reason why we close when we do as performing this process results in us not having to aerify greens earlier in the fall and thus disrupting the putting surface for times at which we are busy. Staying open for the eight paying customers we might get per day in the third week of October simply makes no sense in any way (agronomic or financial) even when weather is nice. Ten years of history has proven this to be true.

Just have one photo at the moment showing some player buffoonery in front of 18 green. Note direction in which divots are pointed.

Vince 80

18 Approach-Divots from shots in direction of 9

We-the crew and I-would appreciate if some people would stop acting like inconsiderate and selfish people on the golf course as it not only affects the work we try to do but the other players as well. Fix your divots and ballmarks. Be careful where you drive and refrain from being “one of those people.” We try to present a golf experience that is memorable in a good way for both its conditions and customer service. We do not want to end up being like this course…

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