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June 9, 2021

We are is in fulllll swing (pun totally intended).  May was a crazy month for golf! Once the snow lifted and people were able to get outside, they jumped at the opportunity.  It was great to see so many familiar faces.  On the course, it was back to routine, mowing greens, rolling greens, getting ready for daily play. 

Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to make up her mind...May saw mornings in the mid-20s as late as the 28th, then 90 degrees 7 days later.  The grass didn’t know whether to shed its winter jackets or buy more.  Mother Nature must not be a Luke Bryan fan, because rain certainly doesn’t seem to be a good thing for her.  Another May with record low precipitation. 

While we love to see all the golfers back and with many more to come...something that comes along with all those golfers is cart traffic and ball marks.  For those wondering how they can help out these two issues...well, when it comes to cart traffic, I’m reminded of a line my old friend Bob Frost would say, “Take the Road Less Travelled” As for it forward (underrated movie).

The course saw some record heat this weekend and had an irrigation pump scare, but we are ready for another amazing month.  Everyone’s favorite flower lady, Marilyn, is back, and you will soon be seeing the course filled with colorful arrangements. We added a few new flower areas, one (a great picture spot, if I do say so myself) is around the Wilderness sign off the back patio.

Finally, we end May with the unofficial start of summer and take a moment to remember our veterans.

Ryan VerNess

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