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January 2016

I write this article having just finished grooming cross country ski trails on the golf course.  Many of you do not make it up here to visit in the winter months and so may not have the opportunity to make it out onto the golf course to enjoy the cross country ski trails we have available for free for everyone to use.  The longer trail (2 km) includes holes 1, 4, 5, 17, and 18 while the shorter loop (1 km) covers holes 9, 17, 1nd 18.  Access to these trails is on the south side of the clubhouse and be sure to bring your own equipment as rentals are not available.  I encourage everyone to try it as there is a certain kind of winter beauty on the golf course that is different from the summer time.  In fact, you do not even have to be a skier to appreciate the golf course in the winter as the photo below illustrates:

january 2

Golf Course Sled Dogs
January 19, 2016

Recently, the golf course hosted a corporate event for a group of people from all over the world. I was impressed by the way these non-acclimated people braved the cold to experience a dog sled ride on the golf course. I was also very happy to see people enjoying the property in the winter time and hope that we can host more events like this in the future. The activities were not limited to just skiing and dog sled rides-many guests also tried their luck at riding snowmobiles and snow shoeing as well. I think that it is important that golf courses-particularly northern ones-do whatever they can to encourage the use of the property for activities besides golf. Not only does this create revenues to help a golf facility remain economically viable, but just as importantly these sorts of activities help golf courses to broaden their appeal to more people. On a related note, a fairly recent article I found describes a project next door to the University of Minnesota that is experimenting with ideas to make a golf course more marketable in a changing world. An interesting read that I think you might enjoy.

See you in a few months.


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