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January 2011

We hope that the winter season is going a long well with everyone and that 2011 has started out as a great year for everyone. Work proceeds indoors on the golf course with winter preventative maintenance on golf course equipment.

One of the most common questions asked to me is “What do you do in the winter?” A good question and the most common answer is maintenance work on equipment. The golf course has a great many mowers and other equipment that needs thorough preventative maintenance in the off months. Particular attention must be paid to some of our older equipment with high hours. Sometimes these units require a very thorough inspection and extensive repair. Pictured below are both Trevor Rintala (Assistant Superintendent) and Jori Hughes (Mechanic) performing some of the typical jobs that we perform in the winter months. Work in the shop in January equals more time spent on the golf course for Trevor and less mid-season emergency repairs for Jori. This type of work will continue throughout the winter months until the snow is gone in the spring.

Have a great day and hope to see you in 2011.

Vince 36        Vince 37

Trevor Rintala performing brake work on             Jori Hughes grinding bedknives for use on

                       rough mower                                                                      tee mowers

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