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Dodge's Dirt

October 2017

The golf course closed for play for the year on Sunday, October 8.  Our experience has shown over the years that remaining open really does nothing except lose money since the few players we get after the first week of October are not enough to cover the extra costs of staying open.  We are truly a destination resort-the area simply does not support a population large enough to give us the kind of volume of play to stay open. 

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September 2017

On August 16, the golf course was in its best playable condition of the year with firm conditions all around and greens rolling about 10 feet on the stimpmeter. Fun stuff and really not very difficult to do when conditions cooperate. Then August 17 and its 2” of rain happened, closing the course for one of the busiest days of the year. Ever since then, it seems that just when we have the course firming up and emulating conditions on August 16, we get hit with more rain. Just the way it goes sometimes.

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August 2017

Well, looks like the five days of actual summer we had this year are finally over. Boy was it ever rough. The overall feel at this point is that we are now getting into the fall season and the forecast seems to bear this out. Having worked at other golf courses in a different climate, normally this time of the year is the toughest of the year. Summer had been dragging on for a few months and the hot temperatures would start to get old. Here, what gets old is waiting for a summer that never really arrives and when it does it is over in a few days. Pretty lame but on a positive note the weather at the moment is San Diego-like beautiful. Guess I should stop whining.

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July 2017

After a few weeks of frost free weather combined with 300 pounds of grass seed and a thorough aerfication, the areas punished by winter are now finally getting back into expected condition.  This has been, for the most part, a terrible spring and early summer for renovation/establishment.  Nothing new in this part of the world.  When the rest of the country is dealing with record highs, we seem to remain stuck with unseasonably cool weather.  Summer never really happens here but rather we have a 5 month long spring, a month of fall, and six months of winter.  Pretty sad-makes me wish for a little global warming to come our way.

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June 2017

What a difference a few days make. We went from a pretty rotten May with unseasonably cold temperatures to a very warm first part of June. We were finally able to start implementing our plant growth regulator programs throughout the golf course this week which will alleviate the strain on our staff in trying to keep the golf course properly groomed for players-while at the same time, among other thing-preparing areas for and planting ornamentals as well as finishing projects by the clubhouse, 5, and the 9th tee. We also spend hundreds of man-hours throughout the season helping with hotel grounds. Like I said, a busy time.

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