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March 2017

An interesting topic of conversation that came up this week while I was talking to a peer in the golf course maintenance industry was the topic of change and some people’s aversion to it. The specific topic was how we at the Wilderness are moving our maintenance practices on putting greens and fairways away from traditional core aerifying and more towards solid tine, less disruptive aerification techniques. On our golf course this makes perfect sense from a technical perspective. We do not have excessive thatch; we keep our fertilizer inputs to a minimum required for optimal playability, and have a consistent topdressing program. Just as importantly, we have a very short growing season and so should find ways to perform our aerification processes both less often and in ways that minimize if not eliminate their effect on our players. This all makes perfect sense to me.

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February 2017

Winter is actually the one season of the year where I have some time and energy to watch movies. As I was flicking through Netflix, I noticed CaddyShack (the original) on the menu and since I am always up for a good laugh, I watched it for what must have been the 10th time in my life. Good humor but the movie reminded me of an old slide I saw at a Superintendents’ conference a few years ago:

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January 2017

I know that most of you will be shocked to know that we can get some pretty cold temperatures in the winter months. 2017 has been no exception to this rule in that the first week of this year has seen below freezing bone chilling cold. From a golf course maintenance standpoint, I welcome the sustained cold weather-particularly since we have over a foot of snow cover everywhere to offer insulating protection to the turf. What we do not want is a huge thaw followed by a hard freeze. This creates a layer of gas exchange preventing ice that can be deadly to turf. I feel very good about the design and turf health on the golf course going into the winter having both built and managed it over the past 15 years. Regardless of the conditions, I feel confident that we will be fine coming out of winter and if any areas do not survive, we will promptly repair them. I have learned over the years that worrying over that which one has no control over is a fool’s game. Save your energy for tasks that make a positive difference for your workplace, home, and community.

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December 2016

As I write this article it is the temperature outside is -6 degrees F with drifting snow. Winter is finally here and with it comes the same question that I get year after year: “What do you do in the winter?”

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November 2016

Fantastic weather in October and into the month of November has made this one of the most productive off-seasons of golf course work in recent memory. In addition to cleaning up most of the remaining tree damage from the blow down we had this past summer, we were also able to install over 1300 linear feet of drainage line on holes 1, 2, 5, 9, 16, and 18.

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