April Newsletter


Happy April! Looks like an early spring for us folks in Minnesota. Plenty of courses already open across the state as I write this. As for The Wilderness, the course is mostly snow free, and looks to be in great shape after its winter slumber. Great news, as you never know from year to year! You can do everything you can to prepare for winter but ultimately it is up to Mother Nature.

If you remember last year, golf courses were closed for a stretch due to the pandemic and were unsure when we were going to open. I don’t think we will have to worry about that this year. At least I hope not! Our expected opening date will be Friday, May 7th. As long as the weather cooperates we should be good to go and in great shape for early season golf.

I hope everyone had a safe winter and was able to find ways to have some fun either by taking a trip or just staying home and doing something new! I was fortunate to sneak away for a trip to Arizona with the family. Enjoyed the warmer weather and even played some golf. The golf was really enjoyable as my oldest son joined me for each round. As you may know, teenagers don’t always like to hang around with their parents but we (and even he) had a good time hanging out.

One of the rounds we played, we were paired up with a single. Of course, my son was not very excited to play with someone he did not know. We can all relate to that for various reasons. Sometimes it is what it is and have to make the best of it. It was a bit of a teaching moment and have to take advantage of them when you can! We talked about how the person joining us was out to enjoy the day just like we were. That it was important to be respectful, engage in conversation, have fun and be inclusive. After all, the fellow was alone with a father/son combo. On a side note, we talked about how you never know who you can meet, what they do or who they know. Some great connections have been made on the golf course, whether it is job/business related or just new friendships. Hopefully, you have made some great connections or memories by being paired up.

The staff at The Wilderness are looking forward to seeing you this season and be assured that your safety and that of the staff are a top priority.

Happy Golfing and hope to see you soon!

Ryan Peterson

Hello friends...
It's that time of year again, thoughts of golf run rampant through our heads, as we defrost from winter and look forward to greener pastures (pun totally intended). A little golf tournament down in Georgia this weekend to wet our whistles, all while the Wilderness Maintenance Staff is starting to March towards opening day.  Lady Luck and Mother Nature combined to bless us with a smooth spring (so far) and the maintenance staff has a list of projects that they are looking forward to doing.  Items on the list, expansion of the driving range tee, drainage work off the 8th green, bridge work on #9, just to name a few.  Still a few weeks away from our first mowing and when we can really start course preparations.  So far the course looks like it came through the winter very well, and opening day will be here before we know it. 

Combining the driving range tees

Looking down hole #18

As always, we look forward to seeing you on the 1st tee and keep it between the trees. 

Ryan VerNess

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Greetings to all!
For the first time in the 4+ years I’ve been here at The Wilderness, I was asked to write for our monthly newsletter. About time! ;)

For those that don’t know me, my family has owned a resort on the west end of Lake Vermilion since 1941.  I always knew that I’d eventually live up in the area or at the resort. As fate would have it, in March 2017, the stars aligned and it was time for me to make the move to ‘The Lake’, as my dad has called it for as long as I can remember.  I have a Bachelor of Accounting degree from UM-Duluth, so when this job opportunity presented itself; well, the rest is history….

Aside from being a golfer (imagine that….), I also enjoy the sport of snowmobiling.  I belong to both the Cook and Tower snowmobile clubs and try to get out as much as possible.  This past winter wasn’t one of the best in regard to weather and snow conditions, but that’s OK for now, as it’s all about getting ready for the golf, boating and resort season!  And yes….I do take my snowmobile to the course from time-to-time in the winter, as it’s a nice and easy ride down the lake from the west end.

If I’m not in my office doing the Accounting/HR duties, I may be helping out in the Pro Shop. If you’re really lucky, I may be the one picking you up down at the marina in one of our six-seater’s, welcoming you to your round of golf here at The Wilderness!

All of us here at The Wilderness are looking forward to seeing you at the course in 2021!

Ross Polley



Winters in northern Minnesota seem to last quite a long time. I was born and raised in the Tower area but I do love warm weather. Thankfully our winter was pretty mild this year and I was still able to snowmobile enough. My highlights were visiting two close friends who I have not seen since before COVID started and I cannot forget to mention spending time with my nephew who is now 10 months old. I hope you have been able to keep in touch with your friends and family. How about a memorable trip to The Wilderness this summer? ;)
The countdown has begun on my office door, 29 days to go until we welcome you back to The Wilderness! Can you smell freshly cut grass, feel the sun beating down, driver in your hand, standing on your 1st tee box of the season? It sounds dreamy, doesn't it?! If you have not booked your tee times yet, some days are already quite full so I'd recommend booking. Pro Shop direct line, 218-753-8917.

The Annual City Auto Glass Tournament on May 21st is full! As always, we will have a waitlist for anyone interested in possibly joining the event. Just give us a call! 

Ladies mark your calendars! Ladies Day is June 7th and September 27th this year! Sign up sheets have already been started. These tournaments are 4 person scrambles and individual entries are welcome!

I am excited to greet many familiar and new faces very soon! Safe travels!

Rachel Indihar

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