March 2014

Greetings everyone. Hopefully we are all making it through this long winter without acquiring a case of seasonal affective disorder. Maybe the first picture of this month’s newsletter will cheer everyone up:

Vince 52

Hole 18 – March 18, 2012

The year when the Wilderness at Fortune Bay had its earliest opening ever.

Sadly, the reality this year is this:

Vince 53

Hole 18 – March 20, 2014

Snow drifts on 18 are well over 4 feet high.

Needless to say, an early opening this year is out of the question and while I cannot offer a solid opening date to anyone, we are pretty sure that our opening date will likely be later than in most years. Honestly, this year in many ways is harsher than last year when we opened on May 17 and so we all must find ways to spend our time productively until the weather breaks. One way that we do this in the golf course maintenance department is through continuing education. While attending one such event I came across the following picture:

Vince 54

While the quality of the picture here is not the best, the content in it is most apt and illustrates many of the preconceived notions about our profession. In this time of financial challenge, both environmental and human resource regulation, and intense competition the days of managing with Carl Spackler at the helm are long since done.

Have a great first day of spring and hope to see everyone this summer.

Vincent Dodge CGCS

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