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March 2015

Really warm weather conditions at the beginning of March meant that snow disappeared rapidly from the golf course. This is a huge improvement from the past two years where the winter seemed to last forever and snowfall amounts were considerably higher. In regards to golf course conditioning, I have rarely seen this golf course make in through the winter in such clean condition. The golf course looks much the same that it did when we put it to bed last fall.

                        Vince 55                Vince 56

                                            Hole 18                                                            Hole 18

                                       March 11, 2015                                            March 23, 2015

A common problem that we encounter during this time of the year is drainage basins that do not remove water from low areas on the golf course. Usually this is the result of a basin being clogged with leaves and other debris but sometimes this is not the case. Whatever the cause, non-draining basins like the one pictured below are a cause for concern as standing water is never a good thing for golf courses or any other type of turf.

Vince 57

Standing water on left side of driving range

March 23, 2015

In this case, the culprit was a drainage line that froze solid causing water to back up onto the driving range. The line that froze is 15” in diameter and really the only thing we can do is wait for it to thaw and use pumps to keep the standing water under control. Not the first time this has happened and likely will not be the last-though this is the first time this has happened at this location. As you can see, winter poses its own set of unique challenges and every year is different.

Vince 58

Frozen Drain Line

March 19, 2015

I am sure that many people are wondering what our thoughts are in regards to an opening date for the golf course. While throwing out a date is pure speculation at this point, I can say with certainty that we will open no sooner than May 1, 2015. One thing that we need to perform this year is a thorough greens aerification-something that we were unable to accomplish in 2014 due to conditions. This process (which we hope to accomplish the week of April 20-April 24), is necessary to ensure quality putting greens well into the future. In addition to putting greens, we also may attempt to aerify certain fairways while the course is closed. Performing this work while the course is closed is a great way to perform required work without inconveniencing our customers.

I look forward to seeing everyone in 2015-a year that is shaping up to be a great year for the golf course.

Vincent Dodge

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