October 2010

2010 was, all in all, a very good year for the golf course and we are all very pleased with how the entire year progressed. Like any other year, 2010 presented its own set of challenges in the form of greater than average disease pressure and times of persistent rain that made times a little difficult for both staff and players. We thank you for your patronage.

The busiest times for the golf course maintenance crew are the weeks before opening and the weeks after closing. At the present time, we are preparing the golf course for winter-in fact at the moment we are covering putting greens to protect them from what can be very stressful winters. In addition to this, we made numerous improvements and additions to our cart paths and are performing drainage work on holes 15 and 16 to improve playability in wet conditions. This is the time of the year where we perform work that would be very disruptive to our customers if we were to remain open and we will continue to work outside until the weather makes it impossible. The bottom line is that hard work after closing makes for a better product for our customers when we open in the spring.

This month’s photo is of the 18th hole and shows how work indeed can continue when conditions get unfriendly. Note the trusses in the background that would become a part of our present clubhouse.


 Vince 76   Vince 77


                                                                                November 14, 2002


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