September 2019

September is, in many ways, my favorite month of the year in regards to the golf course.  Temperatures are considerably cooler and we rarely have to worry about turf stressing out due to higher temperatures and/or droughty conditions.  I honestly cannot remember the last time that we had to irrigate anything and would not be surprised if we do not use our irrigation system for the rest of the year-other than maybe to water in materials that require it or mist a putting surface so that mowers and rollers can see where they are going.  September does, however offer other kinds of challenges for the crew.

The main challenge is the result of the exodus of the very solid group of summer help we had this past season.  High school and college students, with the proper direction, have been an outstanding help to us this season.  The only downside to this help is that it leaves for school at the end of the summer and we are forced to lean on our existing core staff members to work more to get us through the end of the year.  I feel blessed to have a good group of folks that are more than willing to volunteer to work more to allow us to continue to present a good test of golf and an enjoyable experience.  Without the work being done there would be no golf course.  Next time you see someone on the golf course, feel free to let them know that you appreciate everything it is that they do.  I know that I sure do.

One extra chore that we have started on is the deep tine aerifying of fairways.  The implement that does this work is called a Wiedenmann Aerifier and it is powered by a turf tractor.  This machine does an excellent job of relieving soil compaction and just as importantly the machine does it with minimal disruption to the playing surface.  With a unit such as this, we have been able to pretty much eliminate core aerifying on fairways-which is needlessly messy and frankly unnecessary.  

15 Fairway
Turf Intern Peter Johnston making holes 9-9-2019

View from back

Final Product with 7/8” tines going down 5”

Later on in the season, we will then target certain fairways for thatch removal using a different unit to be discussed in the next newsletter.  This two-step process is a proven winner for us and hopefully the weather will cooperate later in the season.  If not, we can go after those fairways next spring.

Thank all of you for your patronage at the golf course.  We are very pleased with the product presented this year and hope that you are as well.

Vincent Dodge