September 12, 2021

The leaves are starting to fall, the days are shorter, the sun angle is lower, and Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (Yuck...but to each their own)...can only mean one thing, hoodie season is upon us, aka Fall is here. Your last chance to tee in 2021.

The summer of 2021, certainly threw a few curve balls our way, mother nature did her best to keep us grinding.  The high heat and lack of rain, allowed us to really push our greens to the peak level...maybe a bit too far, as some guests have said.  When working with green (ie, grass cut at around 1/10th of an inch), and the goal is to provide a world class product, we end up tip-toeing the line of, quick, smooth, fun, and fast, hard, frustrating...and that could be the difference between a cloud covered morning and a windy, sunny afternoon...Add in a wide range of handicaps and, well, we get a lot of different looks from golfers.  All-in-all, I’m very happy with how the greens made it through the summer months.  For those playing in September, you will find that the cooler mornings and short days don’t allow us to be as aggressive.

7in roots at the end of Aug is a good thing.

Having spent the last 16 years in central and northern California, I have become accustomed to some smoky mornings...and it never gets less unnerving. We here in the maintenance department want to send out our deepest appreciation to all those fighting forest fires, of course here in Minnesota and around the country, but also to our neighbors up north in Canada.

A smoky, August morning…

As the summer drawer closes and fall opens, time is running out to get those rounds Robert Herrick poem states, “Gather ye rosebuds, while ye may.”

As always, we are excited to see you on the 1st tee and keep it between the trees.  

Ryan VerNess (Red)

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