May 2016

To me the most enjoyable time of the year to be working on the golf course is the time period from when snow melts and the course opens to play and the time period from closing day until conditions become too harsh to work outside productively. While there is definitely more physical, “character building” type of work that requires completion before we open, the feeling of accomplishing projects that make the golf course better in the future makes it worthwhile. Add to this the fact that you do not have to look over your shoulder wondering where the next player is and spring/fall work is pretty cool stuff.

The projects this year included the addition of a new patio by the clubhouse to better accommodate the needs of the restaurant. Also done was over 1600 linear feet of drainage line grading and sodding in preparation for play. These drain lines over the years have made it possible for us to lift cart path only restrictions much faster after heavy rain events. I am both very thankful for and proud of this group-many of whom have been with us on the golf course for many years. Simply put, without them nobody plays golf.

Vince May 1

Drainage line sodding-10 fairway
April 2016

I have seen some crazy things on the golf course over the years.  Crack heads driving on putting greens and racial slur bunker art come to mind as I write today, but I saw something this Spring that warrants a shout out.

Vince May 2

Snake Skin Irrigation Satellite 1 fairway

This spring while making a repair on an electronic board on an irrigation box, I came across this when I removed the old board.  Apparently, snakes like to climb up into those green boxes you see on the golf course and shed their skins.  Kind of makes you think twice before opening those boxes to water stuff.

Vince may 3

Bob and Boomer

Everybody likes dogs so I thought I would post the latest picture of the two village idiots taking a timeout from their strenuous duties on the golf course. See if you can find Bob in the picture.

Take care everyone and we look forward to seeing you on the golf course now that we are open.