May 2015

As of this writing it is, finally, a beautiful day on a golf course that is making the turn toward being in the full swing of the summer season. Most of the slight damage incurred by the winter is gone and we can look forward to conditions only improving going into the summer months. This transformation in golf course conditions from winter to summer did not magically happen on its own but required (and continues to require) a dedicated effort from our staff-many of whom have been working with us for well over five seasons. My appreciation for their efforts runs deep and I hope that the next time you see any grounds staff working on the golf course that you stop to say thank you for their efforts.

The reason I ask this is that sometimes grounds work can feel like one of the most underappreciated tasks on the golf course. In many ways we are like the offensive linemen on a football team-when things go well most people do not notice but when there is a problem we often get the blame. Carrying the analogy theme to a different level, the golf course staffing world can be compared to an aquarium.

Imagine an aquarium in perfect balance that contains angel fish, neons, and catfish. Equating this to golf course staff, the angel fish are the golf professionals, the neons are outside service staff, and the catfish are grounds crew. Everyone notices how beautiful the colorful fish are as they swim around going about their business-they are the first thing that the observer sees. Few notice the catfish hiding in a skull at the bottom of the aquarium, but he is busy doing his job of helping to keep the aquarium clean and in balance so that the other fish may thrive. All is good when the aquarium is in balance. Of course an aquarium out of balance usually results in the fancy fish dying, a new home being found for the catfish that usually endures, and the aquarium being sold in a garage sale. Not really sure how to fit this part into the golf course analogy but it is an amusing comparison nonetheless.

Hope to see you all on the golf course,

Vincent Dodge