April 2014

I decided to continue with the sequential photo theme in this month’s article since there is no better way to explain to everyone the condition of the golf course. This winter simply refuses to go away.

Vince 10

Hole 18 – March 20, 2014

Snow drifts on 18 are well over 4 feet high.

Vince 11

Hole 18 – April 25, 2014

Snow still here…

Thankfully the forecast for the next week or so looks much better with warmer temperatures on the way. Most of this new snow should be gone in the next few days but snow will continue to linger in areas where it had drifted for at least a few more weeks- but not enough to prevent us from doing what needs to be done on the golf course in preparation for opening.  

The snow has retreated enough for us to know that the golf course has weathered the winter very well with the photo below showing just how much of an impact our winter preparations are having on conditioning.

Vince 12

Hole 10 – April 21, 2014

Note area treated for snow mold diseases on the left

100% snow mold damage on untreated area to the right.

Also notice vole damage on green turf in foreground.

Besides winter disease pressure, a common form of damage prevalent this spring is due to voles (a mouse-like rodent that likes to burrow on turf underneath snow cover). They basically make elaborate tunnel systems that while ugly in spring are quickly cleaned up with all signs of their presence gone in a few weeks as soon as normal growth resumes. This damage differs from mole damage which occurs underground and causes more lasting damage. They are very different animals:

Vince 13

Meadow Vole  


 Vince 14



I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Vincent Dodge CGCS

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