August 2015

As I write this article, it is 45 degrees and windy with a light rain falling. Looks like summer is over and we can look forward to the fall season. With this change in the seasons comes the departure of much of our summer help and a greater burden being placed on the staff members who remain. Now more than ever it is important for all of us to be willing to help one another in order to continue to provide the service levels that our customers have come to expect. We all must strive to develop an awareness for the goings on not just within our own departments but also in other areas. If you see something that needs to be done to enhance the customer experience, handle it or at least let those who can handle it know. Good communication between departments is always important-and with staff being tight this is more important than ever. Speaking of tight, this year’s golf course maintenance golf competition at the Quarry was as close as it could get.

The team of Lyn Ellingson, Jori Hughes, David Pike, and Dylan Scherer with their score of 67 narrowly edged out the team of Vincent Dodge, Brandon Richards, and Trevor Rintala with a 68. I guess I am destined to come in second place every time we play in this competition. Congratulations to the winners* and to everyone that participated in the event for what was a great day of golf.

Vince 21

From Left to Right

David Pike, Jori Hughes, Lyn Ellingson, Dylan Scherer

As always, I am thankful to work with such a fantastic group of people and look forward to a productive fall season on the golf course.

See you on the course,

Vincent Dodge CGCS