Summer is still going strong! It definitely started early this year with the high temps and lack of precipitation. Even as I write this the forecast is staying pretty dry with warm temps. I don’t say this very often but we could use a few rain days. If anything, we hope everyone has taken advantage of the dry weather and has been able to play a few more rounds than normal.

We are now in the heart of our golf season and it has been very busy at The Wilderness. The sunset is now getting earlier each day and that just means winter is not that far away. So, take advantage while you still can by taking a trip to The Wilderness! At the very least, get outside and have some fun!

One of the things I did to get out more was to join a local golf league. For the first time in 30 years, I was on the side of participating in one instead of running one. This served several purposes. First, it made me get out and play some golf, even if it was just for 9 holes because that is something I didn’t do very often. Secondly, it allowed to me get out and socialize with other golfers and have some friendly competition. Thirdly, gave me a chance to unwind from the normal day-to-day grind. Since everything is put on the calendar nowadays, it could easily be scheduled and planned for as it was the same time and place every week. It is something I have really enjoyed doing this year and hope can continue for years to come. Everyone needs a break by doing something fun and I hope you have found something that you enjoy as well! Hope to see you at The Wilderness soon! There’s still some time left to come out for a quick nine or 18 yourself and then stay around for a great meal or your favorite beverage!

Happy Golfing,

Ryan Peterson

It seems like just yesterday, we were putting out the American flags for Memorial Day, blink, and we are putting out the flags for the 4th.  I can’t believe how fast the summer is flying.
Time to talk about the elephant in the room...As Milli Vanilli once mouthed, “Blame it on the Rain” or lack thereof in this case.  When you play you will notice that some of the roughs (perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass) will be off-color and dried out.  This is a result of (lack of rain, obviously) but also an irrigation system that isn’t designed to be the primary watering service.  Day in and day out we strive to provide firm and fast conditions, and one of the downfalls with trying to supply water to areas that are poorly irrigated is that you have to give more water than needed to some other areas.  Case in point, the left rough on #8...trying to irrigate those mounds results in water running down into the fairway, thus making that fairway softer than desired.  Basically, like so many others, we just need some rain, or as Eddie Rabbitt professed, “I’d Love a Rainy Night” (but I think his reasons were different than ours).
On the positive side, no rain means sunny and blue skies...and those conditions have been ideal for our flowers.  Marilyn and crew did an amazing job again getting all the flowers planted.  Special thanks to Brandt’s Greenhouse here in Tower for supplying all of our flowers this season...their service has been outstanding. 

 In front of the clubhouse

New flower bed on #5 tee

As we cross the halfway line of the 2021 season, I’m reminded that on our worst day, I get to look at this....

As always, we are excited to see you on the 1st tee and keep it between the trees.  

Ryan VerNess (Red)

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New to the course! Sasquatch is back in a more permanent fashion. Pictured below is myself, who is 5 foot 4 inches (rounding up...), to give you an idea of sasquatch's size. Can you guess where he is currently located?

We had 7 hole-in-ones in June! Congratulations to everyone who aced their shot. See pictures below. Recently, I looked into the odds of getting a hole-in-one...the PGA states it's 12,500 to 1! 
Pictured from Left to right.

Jason Bertram | June 5 | Hole 3
Steve Johnson | June 12 | Hole 12
Ben Smith | June 13 | Hole 7

Blake Miller | June 19 | Hole 3 - Just 12 years old!
David Shallenberger | June 19 | Hole 7
Jason Foesch | June 26 | Hole 7
Martin Wesal | June 27 | Hole 7

Ladies Day this spring was a hit! The weather was probably the best we have ever had for this tournament. There was a great turnout and we hope the ladies fall event is just as great! Ladies Fall Golf Tournament is scheduled for Monday, September 27th. Sign up today by calling the Pro Shop at 218-753-8917.

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Hope you are all having a nice summer!

Rachel Indihar

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