April Showers Bring May Flowers...What do May Flowers Bring?

Golf weather! And other things, too, but you'll have to ask me later. May was a beautiful month for golf, despite the late start. It’s been a flurry of activity with booking tee times, opening the restaurant, and seeing guests again! Before we hear more from the general manager and superintendent, I’d like to introduce you to some of the staff who keep The Wilderness Grill in order.
Lori supervises the dining room, trains new waitresses, and takes on a number of other responsibilities. She didn't really want her picture taken, but if you see her around, tell her how awesome she is!
Mitch is the executive chef and we're so glad he's here making fabulous meals and keeping the kitchen on track.
Doris is the hostess with the most(est) experience, and Joe says she's the heart of the place. Also, she makes amazing brownies to share with us!
We can't wait to see you!

Rebekah Tweten
The Wilderness at Fortune Bay
Director of Sales & Marketing

News from the General Manager’s Desk

Well, Mother Nature finally smiled down upon us, and the golf course is open and was in good shape for early season golf. I'll share some golf tips below, but I want to tell you how excited I am about our restaurant first!

The Wilderness Grill is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 7:00am to 9:00pm serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Join us for fabulous food, wine and spirits! 

Chef Mitch has created some very exciting dishes! Some of my favorites so far are the avocado toast, stuffed hash browns, Cuban sandwich and Elk Au Poivre (pictured). Call today to make your dining reservations and enjoy our breath-taking views whether you’re inside the clubhouse or out on the patio. 218.753.7804

Score lower with this helpful golf tip...

The Set-Up:  Finesse Wedge
Set up with your feet evenly balanced and close together 4 to 5 inches apart.  Keeping your tail (back) foot square to the target line but pull your lead (front) foot back a few inches and flare it out towards the target.
For ball position on a regular trajectory shot, play the ball a few inches inside your trail foot after soling your wedge on the ground with your arms hanging down just slightly forward of center, the shaft will have a 3 to 7 degree lean towards the target.
When gripping the club for right-handed players the club's grip should be down in the fingers of the trail (right) hand and in a weak position on top of the club, like the standard putting grip.  Check that the V formed by the thumb and forefinger of the trail hand points straight up at your sternum.
It should feel like your arms are dangling softly from your shoulders – so softly that a slight bend remains in your lead elbow (left for right-handed golfer).  It’s also critical that there’s “extension” or a small cup, or “wrinkles,” near the top of your lead wrist (left for right-handed golfer).  The cup is evidence that your ball position, grip and arm hang are correct.
Your shoulders are set fairly level with the ground while you rotate your chest slightly open to the target…Picture a flashlight on your sternum and try to shine its light on the ground a few inches in front of the ball.
Your head should set squarely over the middle of your sternum.
Again, it’s been so amazing to see so many familiar faces and reacquainting with many old friends in the early 2023 golf and dining season.
Fairways & Greens,
Joe Wisocki, Certified PGA Professional

A few words from Superintendent Trevor Rintala
Wow! What a difference a month can make! It seems like only yesterday I was considering plowing the last of the snow off the cart paths on holes 13 and 14, and now I’m wondering what the perfect irrigation cycle might be to water our thirsty sun kissed greens. We have already started our overseeding plans for the season to combat the invasive Poa with growth regulation, bent grass seeding, and judicious watering. Frequent mowing and a slightly higher height of cut will also give the bent grass a competitive edge over unwanted grass. We chose to do a solid tine aerify in May instead of pulling cores, which resulted in a much quicker recovery but also helped translocate seed into deeper, moisture-rich soils to ensure germination. The road ahead is long but the benefits of transitioning to a “new age” bent grass will ensure the health and longevity of our putting greens for years to come. The focus is on what will grow the game, help us embrace new practices and technologies and honor the roots of this great sport.
He plants trees to benefit another generation” - Caecilius Statius

As always, I’ll see you out there on the short stuff! – Trevor Rintala

For more information, call the clubhouse at 218.753.8917.